A Gift to the Real Queen Bees

As a beekeeper, I think of the queen bee’s role in insect society quite often. The queen bee is the heart and soul of the honey bee colony. But on mother’s day, this post is not just an ode to the bees‘ mum.





The Queen Bee is the mother of all bees, and usually, there’s one for each hive. The queen bee has the incredible capability of laying 1,500, sometimes even 2000 eggs a day, which is even more than her own body weight! Don’t ask me how that works, though. Another important task is to control the 40.000 to 80.000 bees in the hive by transmitting pheromones. I couldn’t imagine raising that many children;)

Mum? Mum! Ahhh, there you are.

My mom managed to raise two little bees, my brother and me. What I liked most about growing up was being close to nature. My mum would let me try everything, and let me wander around in the forests and fields with my brother and friends until late at night. She knew that we were safe, and she was always right. That’s why I still thrive to bring flowers, bee hives and all kinds of things to the urban environment of Vienna, which came to be my new ‚hive‘ – yeeeas I am that cheesy today!

This sunday, Austrian mother’s day  (although it’s celebrated on different days all over the world) I am offering you some ideas how to say your mum and grandma thank you. Of course, chocolate is not just an asset, it’s a must. But there are so many more delicious and nice things to give! My mother’s day present (in my family, it’s a tradition to praise the grandma too) consists of things that bees would be happy about alike.

Bring them ladies…

…some flowers

Mother’s Day is the one day where you can pick local wild flowers without bad conscience. It’s better than buying tulips that crossed the whole continent, at least.


…something sweet

If I was a mum, I’d like my children to bring me some wholemeal bread with honey, strawberries and black pepper to my bed. Even if I think that I’d be already awake from my children yelling ‚happy mother’s daaaaay!‘ I’d still insist on coffee, too.


…something healthy

This spring I air-dried some dandelions in order to use them for tea. Better remove all the green parts from the buds because they contain bitter aroma.


…some free time to relax

Get all the children in the family and plan something fun, so their parents have a day off. Make them believe you do homework with them! (If you do a pie fight, destroy any evidence afterwards)


Happy Mother’s Day, Mums and Grannys! Pals, enjoy the day with your family and bee-have well! (cheesiness at it’s best)