The Endless Trip along Río Limay

Weekend trips in Argentina are quite different from those in Austria. Wanna go snowboarding in August? Yeah, you can do it. It’s close, they told me. Just go down to Bariloche. 1.649 kilometers is a comfortable bus ride they told me. And they were right!
I imagine myself to be the most impatient human being ever and I could do it. You just have to be able to make quality time out of the trip or meditate (I didn’t even use up my laptop battery)!

This street continues towards the wonderful mountains and lakes of Bariloche. Have some spare time in Buenos Aires? 24 hours in a bus will take you there (I tested it recently)!


Moonshine, Moonshine Moon
Don’t worry, the bus company won’t let you starve. They are serving rice (carbs) + white bread (carbs) + toast (carbs)  + milanesa (something close to schnitzel. They first bite tasted a bit like cat food but you’ll get used to it) + dessert!


Somewhat the tree was getting in the way but I like the photo for the bright blue colors!



On the ride you’ll see various landscapes, ranging from wide open steppes in the Pampa to snowbound mountains at the foothills of the Andes.


All shots are taken from the driving bus. Wish I have had time to stop there for a while!
Couldn’t decide if I should capture that environment by words or pictures.
window pane + sun = struggle with the focus (Can anyone help out?)
Already close to Bariloche! It is incredible how fast get people used unfamiliar circumstances. After around fifteen hours you don’t even believe that you would ever leave this bus again. Finally, getting of that temporary home, you first have to re-learn how to walk. And then you’re there (to stay for three days).

More journeys are yet to come.